Saturday, March 29, 2008

25 years of Christmas letters...

This year I am writing my 25th Christmas letter (well, 24 actually, cause I skipped one year) but we are still counting it as 25 years. I really don't know how I can top my previous Christmas letters. (I have to say that last year's Ode to Christmas Poems was one of my favorites. Maybe I will include it here for those who may have missed it - just as soon as I learn how to do that kind of stuff.) After 25 years, I am considering bagging the Christmas letter in favor of blogging. By doing that I feel that I am giving you back your free agency. Merry Christmas! No longer will you be barraged (sweet - there is a spell check!) with unsolicited Earl updates. I am giving you back your free will to do as you choose. You can check up on us if you like - or not. It's now up to you.

And the best part for me - no more fretting over trying to find the perfect picture that makes us look younger, thinner and better looking than we really are!

I don't know anything about blogging but I am willing to learn! I finally mastered texting so I think I am ready to blog. (Well, mastered may be exaggerating a bit. I am quite slow. I am not really good at abbreviations. I type complete sentences with correct punctuation and all.)

So here goes... I am trying to get this up and running because I am giving out this address in my soon to be sent Christmas letter aka Spring letter - whatever! I really don't know if it is going to work because I don't seem to have too much extra time on my hands. I kind of have a theory about this whole blogging thing. You can either blog about life or you can actually have a life. It seems to me that it is difficult to fit in both. (You know I'm just kidding. I am just so jealous of you guys out there who are blogging pros!)

I think the same thing about Oprah. Now, I love Oprah, but I think she is giving mixed signals. She spends every day encouraging people to read books, get educated, find inner peace, give service, find true love, get in shape, find a career you love, change the world, etc. etc. And then she goes around door to door in Georgia looking for people who were sitting around in the middle of the afternoon watching Oprah so that she can give them tickets to her Favorite Things Show. She wasn't even giving credit to those who had it Tevo'd - they had to be watching it live or she moved on. She went door to door to door to door. I thought it was a little awkward. She seemed a bit disappointed because she had come to Macon because they had the most viewers. Did it ever occur to her that she had impacted their lives and maybe they were actually out following their dreams? Make up your mind Oprah! Do you want us out there making a difference in the world or do you want us home on the couch watching tv in the middle of the afternoon?

So there is my first blog entry. I don't even know if this will post. I have no idea what I am doing. It will probably be a while before I can get a good layout going so please be patient and remember - I have a life! (hee-hee! I swear I am just kidding...)