Sunday, April 25, 2010

Team Dance and Stake Dance

It's high time to get back and finish the wedding blog but I have been so busy!

We competed with our studio dancers at Team Dance last Saturday (April 17th) in Spokane. We took the Jazz Club and the Stars. The dancers all did great. Among other things, we won Top Studio - so that was cool. It was held at the Spokane Opera House (now called INB Performing Arts Center) which is an amazing stage to dance on. What a treat!

This was the first Team Dance competition that we have ever attended and it was a lot of fun! The event manager seemed very nice but she was so busy I could hardly get her to give me the time of day. The MC was charming and kept us all in stitches - sometimes laughing with him and sometimes laughing at him. He was kinda cute too and I think he had a fair share of little dancers crushing on him. None of us will ever forget the pink-haired Dance Off instructor whose name was Siren. Enough said there! Unfortunatley, she was just a substitute and it's not likely that we will get to work with her again. Darn! A good time was had by all and we look forward to attending Team Dance again!!

Yesterday, our church had a semi-formal stake dance. It's not a dance where you take dates, it's just a regular dance where the kids get to dress up. Some wear formals out of their closets, others borrow formals and others go thrift store shopping to search for treasures that are worthy of such an occasion. Here are Kendall, Parker Weech (my nephew), Bryan and Easton Baker heading out to the dance in their thrift store finest!


Parker and Bryan

Parker, Easton and Bryan

the whole gang:

Hang in there! I will get back to the wedding blog just as soon as I can. Be sure to check out Kristy's post on their new apartment. It is so cute!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Michael Buble concert

We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming of Kristy's complete wedding blog for this important message about Michael Buble...

Kylie doesn't ever really get spring break because Big Bend CC and Moses Lake HS do not have the same break. Even though she is going full time out at the college, she still takes Jazz Choir at the high school all year long and seminary half the year. So since she hasn't gotten a spring break in two years, David and I surprised Kylie with tickets to Michael Buble (who by the way she refers to as "her future husband." Not sure how she is planning to get rid of the Argentine model who claims to be his current fiance? Oh well, Kylie's a resourceful girl - she'll think of something!)

First, the Death Drive -

Kylie, Kendall and I drove over to Seattle on Friday, April 2nd - a day that will go down in infamy for the three of us! (Kendall got to go to Seattle but not the concert. It's not that we don't love her... it's just that we d0n't love her THAT much. The tickets were expensive!)

So we were driving David's Lexus which I love driving on a road trip - it is so comfortable and quiet and the stereo is so good. There was talk of a snow storm but it was supposed to hit in the afternoon and it's April 2nd so how hard could it possibly snow? So, I stupidly decide to take the Lexus and not the Suburban per David's suggestion. (I'm not blaming David but if he has take a large insurance policy out on me recently, will you let me know?)

Well, we left about 8 a.m. and hit snow even before we had gotten to Ellensburg - that was not a good sign. After Cle Elum all of the big rigs were pulled over to put chains on - really not a good sign! Words can't adequately describe how scary our drive turned out to be. The visibility on the road was fine, but it was like we were in a snow tunnel and we could not tell where we were along the route. I don't remember seeing any exits or signs from Cle Elum to North Bend. The electronic warning signs were covered with snow. We could generally read the third line which said at various times "warning" or "prohibited" or "required" but the first two lines were covered in snow. Real helpful! I'm pretty sure one of the signs said "Traction Tires Required" (which I didn't have) but the key words were covered in snow so what's a girl supposed to do?

I was not too worried at first. I just figured it would take us twice as long to get where we were going and I was a little annoyed. I have always thought that when the roads are bad, if you go slow enough, you'll be fine. Right?

Wrong! Before long I started fishtailing and was trying to gain control of the car as other cars behind me tried to get out of my way. I don't know how nobody hit me because there were a lot of cars behind me. Then when it appeared that I had avoided colliding with any other cars, I started to slide towards a semi and, again, I don't know how we didn't hit. I didn't really have any choice but to just forge ahead as best I could. There was nowhere to pull over and if I did I would have been a sitting duck for everyone else to run into!

I was so scared my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I called David and I was freaking out. I didn't know what to do. (For the record, the girls dialed and I spoke to David through my GPS. Trust me, my hands had a death grip on the steering wheel.) I told him that the car was sliding all over the place and I couldn't control it. All he told me was that it might help to push this one snow button and definitely not to pull over. I'm semi-screaming "I can't control the car. I don't know what to do. I'm sliding all over the place. Oh no, here I go again. I think I'm gonna crash." David says, "Try to get off at the next exit and find a place to stay warm. There's not much I can do from here. I gotta go. Good luck." I'm not sure how I feel about that. I knew there wasn't much he could do for us, but maybe he should have stayed on the line while we crashed? What is the appropriate husbandly response in that situation? Hmmm...

As I continued to fishtail more than I went straight, I came upon a police woman diverting traffic around an accident and she was signaling me to go around. I wanted to roll down my window and tell her that I was an accident waiting to happen but she seemed to have her hands full at the moment, and I was afraid if I got close enough to talk to her I would take her out. So I just kept sliding forward. It was so scary.

I was afraid of #1 - crashing into another car and/or #2 - getting stuck and having someone crash into me. Somehow I managed to make it by the accident without running into anyone and I seemed to separate myself from the pack. Pretty soon, there was only me and one other car around that I could see. The cars behind me must have gotten stopped at some point. Maybe there was another accident? Because there were no cars in my rear view mirror that I could see which was really strange but such a blessing. So I kept going just praying for an exit that I could make it to.

I had no idea where I was. As far as I knew, I hadn't made it to the summit yet because it felt like I was just going level, it didn't feel like I was going either uphill or downhill. I didn't realize it at the time but I must have been going downhill because I had my foot on the brake but I still wasn't stopping. With my foot on the brake, I was still going about 10 mph. I couldn't have come to a complete stop if I had to. We were doing okay inching forward with only one other car around and then our car started to take a big spin to the right. I couldn't stop it and it appeared that we were going to do a 360 towards the right guard rail. I'm not sure if I just said it in my head but I think I said out loud, "Okay. This is it." I was positive we were going to hit the guard rail. I didn't think we were going fast enough to get hurt by that but I was afraid we would get stuck and hit by oncoming traffic though they were still a ways behind us.

As we were turning I kept trying to turn the wheel back the other way without over correcting. It seemed like a losing battle. The car was now fully perpendicular to the oncoming traffic and I turned the wheel again and it took one little lurch back the way it needed to go. I did that a couple more times and the car straightened itself out. It was almost as if the car knew the direction it needed to get back to. It was truly miraculous. I just kept saying, "Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay." We inched forward still praying for an exit which we finally came upon about 5 minutes later but I wasn't familiar with the exit - Ashley/? I was pretty sure it was an exit that had no services and I could tell that no one had exited there in a long time - maybe never! I had to make a quick decision but getting off there did not look like a good idea and I doubt I could have navigated it anyway.

So we kept going and luckily in a few minutes the road was getting more wet than snowy as the snow slowly began to turn to rain. When I could finally tell where we were, we were just outside of North Bend! Apparently most of our troubles happened while we were crossing Snoqualmie Pass but because of the odd snow tunnel we were in, I couldn't tell when we were climbing and when we were going downhill. It was so strange! It took us an extra hour to get to Kristy's but we were just so happy to be alive and have our car intact!

Snoqualmie Pass Reopened; Closed Earlier Because of Snow, Accidents

The Department of Transportation says drivers should be prepared for travel in extreme winter weather conditions on I-90. It reopened eastbound I-90 at milepost 47, Denny Creek, at 8:30 p.m. Friday, which it had closed earlier in order to clear out spun vehicles near the summit. The backup of cars Friday evening was about ten miles long. Traction tires are required, and for vehicles over 10,000 GVW, chains are required. Oversized vehicles are probibited. Traction tires are advised for westbound traffic.

So after picking Kristy up, we went straight to the place that always makes us feel safe and warm and secure and right at home - the mall! We shopped, we ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, we watched the new Miley Cyrus movie and all was well with the world once again. We had a great weekend even though it was raining and freezing most of the time.

The Concert:

Kylie and I went to the concert on Saturday night and it was awesome! There was an opening group called Naturally 7 which was a group of seven black guys who sang acapella and could make it sound like they had instruments backing them up. They were amazing!

Michael came out about 9:00 and he sounded great. He was personable and funny and we totally enjoyed the show. He is from Vancouver, B.C. so he talked about crossing the border many times as a kid and how his mother would tell them not to say anything and "don't even make eye contact with the border patrol." He said that she would claim they had not purchased anything as she was wearing 3 pair of jeans and 4 sweaters. It was pretty hilarious to those of us who have crossed the border multiple times.

There was also this crazy Asian girl who standing right in front of the stage just jumping up and down and going crazy the whole time. He said, "Are you seriously going to do that the whole time?" as she screamed "I love you Michael!" He said, "You say that now but I bet you a million bucks that sometime in the future you are going to try and kill me." He said he had his whole family there and he pointed them out. They were sitting on the floor about 15 rows back. He said that when he was younger his grandpa used to trade out free plumbing services for any venue that would let his grandson sing there. He said that if we saw his grandpa in the bathroom fixing the toilets to tell him to get back out and watch the show. He was adorable.

We had pretty good seats which was nice. Kylie was in heaven. I might not have been her first choice for a concert buddy but she was mine! I'm really glad we got to do that together. What a great memory!

I was a little worried about getting back because I was determined that I was not driving back in any snow. Of course, the girls had school and I had work but there was no way I was going to knowingly put any of us in danger again. Luckily, even though there was more snow scheduled to come, it was mostly clear and dry with just a sprinkle of rain here and there. We got home just fine - yay! I'm so grateful we were spared. There were lots of other people who weren't. I don't think anyone died, but there were lots of accidents. We were very fortunate!

Here are a few concert clips. They're not great but for true MB fans it's the next best thing to being there! (No, of course I didn't sneak in a recording device, I just burned these memories into my brain and then was somehow able to transfer those memories onto the computer. What can I say? It's a gift!)

Here's a little musical montage...

"Heartache Tonight"/"Haven't Met You Yet"


Michael said he was really influenced by Michael Jackson and he did a little hip thrusting "Billie Jean" style. (Sorry didn't record that one.) He also said he watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off about a billion times and he did a little "Twist and Shout" for us.

"Feeling Good"

"Mrs. Jones" - not my favorite song but any song Michael Buble sings sounds better

"At This Moment"


Kristy made us Caramel Apple pork chops for lunch on Sunday which were delicious. Then she fed us a dessert that had ice cream sandwiches on the bottom and on top were layers of peanut butter, marshmallow creme and fudge. That was also delicious. When our tummies were full, we headed home on mostly dry roads. What a treat! The roads I mean!! But the food was good too!!!

Part 3 - The Bouquet and Wedding Luncheon


I am not really into flowers. I mean, I love flowers but I just have a hard time spending a lot of money on something that has such a short life span. I love a good wedding bouquet but I can do without all the corsages and the boutonnieres (man, that is a hard word to spell even if you do have two years of high school French under your belt like I do!) I wasn’t sure what to do for Kristy’s bouquet and she had no strong opinions and I had looked around a bit online but hadn’t found any good options. I kept thinking something or someone would turn up and lead me to the right bouquet. Well, my procrastination didn’t pay off and I found myself two days before the wedding with no bouquet for the bride. What was I thinking? I have no idea. I plead insanity.

I was planning all along to get a live bouquet but I figured I was too late so I headed into Modern Display to see if they might have some artificial bouquets already made? I was desperate. They did not have any such thing but the floral department said that if I just picked out the flowers that I wanted that they could make me up a bouquet that would be ready by the next day. Sweet! Kacey helped to pick out the flowers. We had no idea what we were doing but we just picked out a few things that appealed to us. We took them to the floral arranger and she added a few suggestions of her own. She asked how much I wanted to spend because that would determine how many flowers she put in. Don’t you hate questions like that? My mind was racing. I felt ghetto enough buying an artificial bouquet, now she wanted me to show my true colors? Could she tell just by looking that my favorite store is TJ Maxx? Was she judging me? What if I said a number that was embarrassingly low and she spit in my eye and told me that I don’t deserve to be the mother of the bride and demanded that I leave the store? Or worse, what if I said a number that was too high and I ended up with an artificial bouquet that was not only ugly but ginormous? If only I had the guts to say, “I want to spend as little as possible and still have it look reasonably nice.” Darn my stubborn pride! I finally managed to say in the form of a question, “I’d like to keep it under $100?” She said that should be no problem (and it didn’t sound like she was being sarcastic) so I was able to walk out of there with my dignity still intact.

We were to pick the bouquet up the following day which was (mind you) the day before the wedding so it’s not like there was time for a Plan B, but I picked it up and it was just beautiful! I thought it was just perfect for a winter wedding and she would be able to use it in Moses Lake as well. And… it was only $50 because the flowers we chose were all on clearance because it was after Christmas. I would consider myself a genius if I had planned it that way but as it was I was just lucky! So after seeing how cute it was, I got the idea to ask her if she could make me two smaller bouquets for the bride to toss. She did that lickety split for $25 each and they were adorable. The bouquets didn’t photograph as pretty as they looked (they sparkled in several places) so you’re just going to have to take my word for it or swing by Kristy’s and take a look because… they’re artificial and they are going to live forever! Maybe I am a genius? Thank you Modern Display!


After the temple ceremony we headed up to Midway where the Laceys had planned a lovely luncheon at Soldier Hollow. It was a beautiful setting. The roads were not great so it took longer than expected to get there but I believe everyone made it safe and sound. We had a delicious meal and enjoyed sitting and visiting for a while. We watched a slide show that Kacey had prepared of Kristy and Trevor growing up. It was great. Kristy and Trevor didn’t have too many dating pictures so Kacey helped them out a bit by creating fake super dating pictures showing Kristy and Trevor doing things like racing motorcycles, crashing a White House party and even going to the moon! The pictures were awesome. Thanks Kacey!

Then a microphone was passed so that advice could be given to the newlyweds which would be certain to secure them a blissful future if followed correctly, right? It was so nice to be gathered with friends and family in such a lovely setting. It was just perfect! There was not much time to linger, though, because before we knew it - it was time to head to Heber for the reception. It was held in the Lacey’s church building. We had helped to set things up the night before and it looked pretty good, but some friends of the Laceys had come in after us and put the finishing touches on it and it really looked nice. Unfortunately, the snow prevented some people from making the trek to Heber but there were plenty who did and we had a great time.

Doug & Connie’s family (minus Kyle & Sam who were missed) hung with us the whole day and attended every event and it was so great to have them there. They had just returned from spending the week in Las Vegas all together. Cali and Ashley both had new babies (Fiona and Henry) along with their other 6 kids in tow, Cali had been in the hospital the night before with kidney stones, Joey was on crutches from a recent knee surgery – oh what troopers they were! They really helped to fill the Earl quota. Tom & Gail were scheduled to fly in and Alysha was going to try to fly in as well, but – oh, guess what? – flights were backed up because of the snow!

Well, when you plan a wedding in Utah in December, you shouldn’t be surprised if it snows, right? Right. I guess I have no right complaining about the snow… but is it too much to ask for just a light skiff of snow for ambiance and to justify the rhinestoned snow boots, and then have it clear up and dry out for safe travel? I don’t think so. Isn’t that why I pay tithing? Doesn’t that buy me a window in heaven where I can go to the head of the line and ask for anything I want? I could swear that’s what they promised me in Sunday school. Then what am I getting for my 5%? Oh. It’s 10%? Nevermind then.

To be continued...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Part 2 - The temple

The wedding itself was very nice. Temple ceremonies are very simple and only last about 20 minutes. The sealer was pretty intense and at first I thought we were all in trouble. He lightened up, though, and I really enjoyed all he had to say. I thought he did a great job. Kristy and Trevor came out and greeted all of their family and friends who were gathered outside the temple. (Interesting note: our old friends from Loma Linda days, Frank and Kristy Roundy, were there in the temple attending their nephew’s wedding. It was so fun to see them!)

The kids call this my paparazzi shot...

Like I mentioned earlier, I had planned and shopped for the cold. Then I was a little worried that it would turn out to be a beautiful, sunny day and that I had spent money unnecessarily on all of the cold weather accessories and matching coats. When Kelsey got married on Dec. 22nd, it was an absolutely beautiful day in the sixties. It was the best weather you could imagine getting in December. Luckily, though, it was snowy and cold on Dec. 30th so my preparations paid off! As we were shooting the videographer said the weather was just great for his purposes and it would be perfect if it would just start snowing. As if on cue, giant snowflakes started falling from the sky about 5 mins. later! It was a beautiful sight except…. It kept snowing and snowing and there were travel advisories and lots of accidents and the roads to Heber were being closed down!!

The Laceys:

The wedding party. Kristy's 3 sisters and 1 brother along with Trevor's 3 brothers!

The Earls minus Jon. He was tending the kids who had had it at this point!

Kristy and her brothers. I think for many years she thought she was one of them. Hard to believe she was quite the tomboy!

So we had to keep moving and did not get quite get all the picture taking done that we would have liked to. [Wedding tip #3: It takes much longer for the couple to get out of the temple than you think and there never seems to be enough time for all of the pictures that you want to take. So I would suggest allowing 3-4 hours for pictures if possible.] The videographer kind of monopolized the time and I’m afraid Cortney wasn’t able to have all of the creative license he would have liked. Sorry about that Cort! Kristy and Trevor were good sports. They were cold but they did everything that was asked of them including lots of kissing. It's a chore but someone's gotta do it!

Funny story about this picture in front of the temple… I was trying to choose a picture to put in the paper along with their wedding announcement. I thought this picture in front of the temple was sweet, but it wasn’t the best picture of Kristy and Trevor. I vacillated between this picture because I thought it would be nice for younger kids to see them standing in front of the temple and another picture that was much more flattering of the two of them. In the end, I chose to include the temple picture to hopefully inspire kids to stick to their goals of going to the temple. What did the paper do?

They cropped the temple out of the picture so all that was left was a mediocre picture of the bride and groom. Perfect!

And now we are headed to Midway for the wedding luncheon with some sleepy bridesmaids!

Stay tuned for Part 3...