Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy 20th birthday, Kylie!

There are countless things that we love about Kylie but in honor of her 20th birthday today, we have listed the Top 20 things we love about Kylie (in no particular order!):

20. her laugh
19. her love of cats
18. her Goodwill sleepwear
17. her beautiful voice
16. her freckles
15. her chocolate chip cookies
14. her lips
13. her lip gloss collection
12. her devotion to her baby blanket
11. her ability to finally master the art of riding a bicycle
10. her nail polish collection
9. her portrayal of Mayzie
8. her wit
7. her brain
6. her hair
5. her large calves (a gift from her mother)
4. her portrayal of Sharpay
3. her testimony
2. her smile
1. her continued love of Barbie movies

We have cherished you for two decades! May there be many many more to come. Thank you for all that you have given to our family and continue to give. We love you so much!

Happy birthday, Kylie!

Anyone have any more things they love about Kylie? Feel free to share as you leave a comment...

Monday, December 5, 2011

A few video tidbits for your viewing pleasure...

I hate being so behind on my blogging but life is just so busy right now. I'm not sure when I am going to catch up but I'm still determined to try! Here are a few videos I wanted to share...

We had a small group at Thanksgiving. Brad, Courtney and Kylie went to Kacey's in Vegas because it's much closer and warmer. I don't blame them but we missed them. We had fun, anyway, with the group we had which included my two nieces, Makenna and Haley, who are Becky's daughters. Tney came for a visit and we had the best time with them. They were able to join in our Fruit Ninja competition. Lucky them!

Here is some video of Courtney competing at the Fall Dansport competition at BYU with her partner, Tim Colvin. I just love watching them dance. Angie, Qiana and Kim were able to join me which made it doubly fun. I love those girls. Courtney was mesmerizing and it just makes me so happy and proud to watch her glide across the floor. See for yourself...

Brad and Kylie were there, too, to cheer Courtney on. What a good brother Brad is! By the way, the crowd cheers for their favorite couples so even though I would rather sit and watch quietly and take it all in, I shout now and then so that Courtney and Tim know they have fans. You're welcome, Courtney and Tim.

What a fun weekend it was to share with so many people I love!