Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bryan plays tennis?

Unbeknownst to many, Bryan has been playing on the tennis team for two years. He switched from the golf team to the tennis team his Junior year causing almost everyone in the family to query, "Does Bryan even know how to play tennis?" He has been playing this season in the #1 singles spot. The best thing about being a senior on varsity sports these days at MLHS...

another cool poster of yourself hanging around the school!

And guess who was named to the Second Team All League? You know it...

this guy!

For the district playoffs, Bryan decided to team up with Chad to play doubles so they would be more competitive. Strategy paid off because they won their first two matches! Tournament continues on Monday. Good luck Bryan and Chad!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy 24th Birthday, Courtney!

Has anyone out there noticed that I barely get any blogging done besides birthday posts? Yes, it's very sad. Probably only to me... but I am hoping to get back to more blogging one day soon. It's my dream! But it is time to celebrate another birthday and that means it's time to publicly tell Courtney how much I love and adore her because that's what social media birthdays are all about, right? Facebook has made all birthdays over 21 about 300% more fun because at least people know it's your birthday!

Last year on her birthday, Courtney was engaged and heading to England to compete with the ballroom team. The routine was magical and Courtney was spectacular (in my humble opinion) and they won! Here is a picture of the first lift that they do with Courtney being lifted.

But even better than this picture... if you Click here you can see the performance! Hopefully this link will lead you to a page that has a video box on the lower right corner. Advance to 7:40 and you will get to see Courtney in action. It will take a few minutes but it is so worth it! There is even a British ballroom commentator which is pretty fun. Courtney, as you can tell from the picture, is the one being lifted in the beginning and in the end. In between it's a little harder to find her because they all sprayed their hair the same brunette color. The whole number is Disney themed with light up dresses and it was just beautiful. Right after the video it shows them getting their award if you want to see that. Enjoy!

Then last year, five days after returning from England she became Mrs. Curtis Papenfuss!

and now a year later on her birthday, she is expecting a son in August!! It's been quite a year!

Photo: It's official. We are having a boy!

Curtis and Courtney have been living in St. George where Curtis has been playing basketball for Dixie University for the last two years. He had a great season and is now busy preparing to take the MCATs. We couldn't be prouder of Courtney and all she has accomplished in the last year!! We can't wait to have her and Curtis here in WA with us while he applies to med school! Happy Birthday, Courtney!