Friday, September 26, 2008

Rhode Albert Nielsen

I was all set to head to Vegas on September 21st to prepare for my grandson's arrival (due Sept. 26th). I had tickets to the "So You Think You Can Dance" concert on the 20th in Seattle and then I was ready to go and play grandma. It was a good plan... but Rhode had other ideas!

He arrived on Saturday, September 13th. He weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. I got a picture text just before our 7:00 performance of "Suessical." I showed it around to the cast and it really inspired them! (I think that's maybe why the 7 feet tall palm trees came on too early!)

I flew out on Monday to go play grandma, maid, chauffer and cook. Well, cook - not so much. There is so much good food in Vegas, why cook? I do take out. I did clean and change diapers and scrub floors and do laundry so I'm not completely useless!

His name is Rhode which is pronounced like road but spelled like a Rhode Scholar!

Rhode is so precious! He is just exactly what you want a newborn to be. He sleeps alot and hardly cries and looks around when he is awake. I tried to tell Kacey that Scarlet was not too bad but she wasn't going to win any "Best Baby" awards either. Now she knows what I meant. Scarlet hardly slept for more than an hour at a time and any noise would rattle her. Rhode sleeps through it all. He did get circumcised today, though - ouch! So Kacey said he wasn't quite so happy. Poor baby.

That reminds me of a joke I know. (For some odd reason I can only seem to keep two jokes in my head and this is one of them! Strange, I know!): Two men are sitting in a doctor's waiting room. One says to the other, "What are you here for?" The guy answers, "Circumcision." The first guy says, "Oh man, I do not envy you. I had that done right after I was born and it hurt so bad I couldn't walk for a year!"

Scarlet doesn't really know me, but I think she was starting to like me! No one seems to compare to Mom for Scarlet (which is totally understandable!) and Dad is a close second, but just as soon as she is old enough to realize who buys her all the cool stuff she never knew she wanted - I will be her favorite!

She does do this really adorable thing, though, when anyone says Grandma Peggy... she oinks like a pig! It's a crazy little sound where she sucks air in and it's really a mystery as to how she actually does it. It's impossible to even copy. She's truly gifted in that area! This would all be so precious had I not spent much of my childhood being called a pig when someone felt like teasing me. I was instantly transported back to second grade and I imagine I will be spending a fair amount of time there because Jon & Kacey insist that Scarlet perform her new "grandma piggy" trick for anyone who comes over. Oh joy!

Scarlet likes to watch "Blues Clues" and one day Rhode was wearing an outfit that had little paw prints all over it and Scarlet kept pointing at him and saying, "A clue! A clue!" It was so funny.

Courtney and Kristy drove over from Provo for the weekend to meet Rhode. Scarlet remembered Courtney because she stayed at Kacey's for a month this summer. Kristy only stayed with Kacey for two weeks so she got about as warm a welcome as I did from Scarlet!

Seriously, I miss them both - stubborn Scarlet who won't let me near her unless I have something she wants and then oinks at me and sweet little Rhode who is just an angel. I am so glad that I was able to have that time with them.

Jon and Kacey are working hard remodeling their house. It is looking so good. Jon seems to know how to do everything! (including shock himself - at least 4 times while I was there!) I chose the color for the apartment bathroom which pretty much turned out to be the color of poo. Jon thinks he can make it work, though.

Being a grandma is awesome! I am thoroughly enjoying it. I would enjoy it even more from a closer distance but I'll take what I can get!! Check out Kacey's blog for more baby details


Our dance studio produced the musical "Suessical Jr." The cast practiced over the summer and the show debuted Sept. 12th. It turned out really good (thanks to Tami Lybbert who was our fearless director). I know this will probably look like total nepotism but I swear it wasn't... Kendall was the Cat in the Hat, Kylie was Mayzie La Bird and Bryan was a Wickersham brother. In case any of you are wondering, I do have to twist Bryan's arm to get him to do things like this, but not that hard. So far he is not trading in his basketball shoes for the stage so no worries!