Friday, October 26, 2012

So much for avoiding religion and politics!

Since the election is looming I just have to get a few political thoughts off my chest. I sure hope that people out there realize the kind of candidate we have in Mitt Romney. Do not believe the media! It is so exciting to have a candidate of Mitt’s caliber. He is not too good to be true people – he is exactly as he seems! It drives me crazy to have political pundits say that he’s too wooden, his hair is too perfect, he’s too rich, he’s wishy washy and other such nonsense. If we had all gotten together and created the perfect candidate from scratch, I don’t think we could have gotten much closer than Mitt. He’s an independently wealthy, highly educated, hard-working, God fearing, family man. Christians everywhere should be jumping for joy! This is our guy!!

I have a feeling that many of you out there are like me when it comes to politics… I don’t understand half of what they are talking about most of the time! I freely admit that!! I stay somewhat informed but mostly I am busy raising a family and training dancers. I am doing my best to be a good citizen and make a difference in my community. I look for a candidate who has similar interests to mine, someone who I believe would make wise decisions on my behalf when faced with difficult situations both at home and abroad. It’s awesome when a candidate comes with expertise in at least one area (like Mitt with his financial background) but I still believe the most important trait is character. I want a president who is intelligent, wise and sensible and has no other agenda other than to do what is best to protect our country and improve it. Reagan was an actor by profession yet he was a successful and beloved president. I don’t think that any president has all of the knowledge and expertise to solve this country’s problems on their own (though Mitt probably could!) and we don't expect that. A president is only as good as the people he surrounds himself with and good people naturally attract other good people. I look for the candidate who is most likely to put the smartest people possible on their team who have no hidden agendas. Let’s face it, career politicians make deals and arrangements – how else do you think they fund their campaigns? Most are not independently wealthy before they are elected president! Why in the world does this country have so much mistrust for the man who wants the job (Mitt) but not the man who needs the job (Obama)? With Mitt we get a man of great character and a financial genius! Seriously people – what more do you want???

I want to make it clear that I am not one of those who believe that Obama is a terrorist, or his degrees are fake, or he is the devil incarnate, etc. From what I know of him which is based on nothing more than reading his book, The Audacity of Hope, and seeing him on Oprah, and years of mentally sifting through all of the information that has been presented to me through the media… I like the guy! He seems like a good person. His wife seems awesome. He has a beautiful family. I would have to say that one of the biggest problems I always had with Obama was the fact that he smoked. I’m sorry if this offends people, but what intelligent person smokes these days? To me, it shows a personal weakness which could be just a simple addiction to nicotine or, more often, a habit that is masking a deeper inner struggle.  To me, his smoking was a red flag that indicated weakness. His wife hated the fact that he smoked yet he continued to smoke. I just find that habit to be at odds with the person he claims to be. The golden question is would he have quit if he wasn’t running for reelection? He supposedly quit in 2010. Hmmm…  So, bottom line is, I like Obama as a person but I am not at all impressed with the state of our country and I’d like to try something different.

Being a Mormon, I have no problem with Mitt’s religious affiliation – I know, big surprise! For me, a candidate’s religious affiliation is something to be taken into consideration – not necessarily a deal breaker - but should be considered. Anyone who knows anything about Mormonism or who knows more than a few Mormons knows that there is nothing to fear! I’ll bet you anything that if you have Mormons in your community, they are people that are well liked and well respected. The reason I am certain of this is because that is the kind of people that our church teaches us to be! Yes, there are a few weirdos and extremists among us but, let’s be honest, all religions have their fair share of weirdos – most of them well intentioned.  

What I find so hypocritical in regards to religion is that the media puts Mormonism under the microscope and wants to judge every one of it tenets and make a ruling, yet Obama does not have a religion that has any doctrine that can be pinpointed so he’s okay. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy there? The same goes for Catholic and Jewish candidates. The media gets to judge them because their beliefs are well documented and have been for centuries, yet these evangelicals and born again candidates come along and they don’t really profess anything other than being a Christian and that’s okay! If you can define your religion, we will judge you and even persecute you for it, but if you can’t define what you believe then you get a free pass and are presumed to be a good upstanding Christian even without any supporting evidence. It’s so unfair! Does anyone else see that?

It says in Matthew, Chapter 7, “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit… Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”  There may be many who disagree with one or more tenets of Mormon doctrine (although many are misinformed) but no one can make a claim that the Mormon church is anything other than a good church based on the fruits (actions) of the majority of its members (we don’t deserve to be judged by our weirdos any more than you do!) So if you know nothing else about the Mormon church, know that you have absolutely nothing to fear about a Mormon president.  If he is living his religion, he won’t smoke (Obama), he won’t cheat on his wife (Clinton, Kennedy, …),  he won’t drink alcohol (which usually precedes the aforementioned turpitudes, et al) and he will need nothing more to wake him up in the morning than a good shower! Mormons aren’t perfect but the code of conduct that we are taught to follow is!

One thing everyone needs to understand is that if there was any dirt on Mitt Romney you would know about it. You need to realize that they are saying that his hair is too perfect because that’s the worst thing they can say about him! Some say he’s been wishy washy on some issues and I say – you try to run as a conservative Christian and see how far you can get telling the absolute truth about how you really feel about each issue. You don’t think Mitt has to give in here and there for the greater good? Every time he even hits close to the truth on issues, he gets crucified for it yet we all know that he’s right. The 47%? Come on people, we all know it’s true. There is a big percentage of people that are either government employees who enjoy job security in spite of poor performance or lack of need for their job description and also people living on government assistance who are fully able to work who are living a fairly good life and do not want that to change. No one is saying these are bad people - just saying they probably aren't looking for a change so those of us who are need to be sure and get out there and vote! I believe Mitt is as honest as a politician can possibly be and the reason he gets in trouble for little things he says here and there is because he is a real person living in the real world like the rest of us. He is not a career politician who has a masters in Rhetoric and a minor in Don’t Say Anything That Will Offend. He had a career! He is a family man. He is just like you and me only better looking and wealthier!

I’d like to say one more thing about Mitt and about his wife, Ann. If anyone out there thinks that raising 5 boys without any scandals is not a herculean accomplishment these days then you aren’t paying attention. Add to that mix extreme wealth. I defy anyone to find an extremely wealthy family that has not had any problems with their kids. Wealth is often more of a curse than a blessing – just ask the Kennedys, the Windsors, the Kardashians!  And I will remind you that if there was dirt out there on the kids or the grandkids, we would know about it too! Add in again that Ann has battled breast cancer and lives with Multiple Sclerosis. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things just like you and me. They have a proven track record of success. Who would you rather trust your future with?

I truly believe that the majority of people in our country are fine upstanding Christians who cross all party lines. We are allowing the liberal minority to run our country and it’s time for a change. For the most part, the liberals are the ones who are filling our air waves and telling us what to think. They are the ones who are giving us their version of the news and telling us how we should feel about it. They are the ones who are telling us that we are bigots if we don’t think marriage should be redefined. Just because you hear it on the news doesn’t make it true and it certainly doesn’t make it right! It’s time for the quiet majority to be heard. The majority who doesn’t have time to protest or be in front of the camera because they are busy making the world a better place one job at a time, one family at a time, one home at a time, one yard at a time. 

I, for one, truly appreciate the sacrifice that Mitt Romney is making for us. He has a great life. He does not need us – we need him! Why in the world is he putting himself and his family through this torture that is called campaigning? It’s because he knows he has gifts and talents that can be utilized for the greater good of our country. He is doing what we were all supposed to learn how to do in Kindergarten… he is sharing! America you are crazy if you pass up an opportunity for someone like Mitt to lead our country. We should not only be voting for him, we should also be thanking him for stepping up and doing this for us when he could easily be enjoying retirement on a sunny beach in Florida… or the Hamptons… or the south of France (not sure where really rich people go? I only go where frequent flier miles go!) I am happily voting for Mitt but, unfortunately, my vote probably won't count in Washington (too many Westside liberals and stupid electoral college) so we need everyone whose votes will count to vote for Mitt!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday Bryan!

If you see this boy today, be sure to wish him Happy Birthday!

He may be hanging out with these fellows...

Or he may just be with this guy...

Or he may be all by himself dressed in something like this...

However you find him, give him a big hug and wish him a happy 17th Birthday!

We love you Bryan!