Monday, April 27, 2009

Junior Miss results!

Saturday night was the Junior Miss program. There were 8 contestants and 4 of the girls were good friends of Kylie's who she has grown up with and danced with since she was 3 (except Lauren who joined a bit later). They are all beautiful, intelligent, talented and very nice girls. It was truly a privilege for Kylie to go through this Junior Miss experience with them. This had to be one of the toughest years to judge. (Although I am not complaining after hearing that Kylee Morrison had to run against 37 girls in her program in Idaho - yikes!)

Look at these fabulous girls. How in the world do you pick a favorite? They all have good grades. All of their talents were amazing. They made the physical fitness routine look easy when it was actually very difficult. And they were all poised and stunning in their dresses.

The first phase of competition is interview. They conduct the interviews separately in the afternoon. Here is Kylie doing some personal prep for interview...

Kylie chose to sing for her talent this time. She sang a song called "So Much Better" (slightly edited) from Legally Blonde the musical. She did such a great job. She even caught a cold the week before and still didn't let it get her down. The video doesn't quite show how pink her outfit was but it's close. The shoes were spectacular and the song wasn't bad either - ha ha!

Here she is in her formal dress. She looked amazing. Every girl had a beautiful dress. I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful array of dresses.

She did an awesome job but with such a good group of girls we were prepared for just about anything. We were thrilled when Kylie ended up winning Interview, Scholastic and Poise. Mattie Bergeson won Talent and Fitness. In the end Kylie was named 1st runner up, Mattie Bergeson was Junior Miss and Katelynn Reed was 2nd runner up. Here is a picture of the 2009 Junior Miss court...

Kylie and the two escorts...

Kacey and Scarlet...

This was all of the family that we could get to hang around for a picture. Actually Kristy is not really very photogenic right now. (Check her blog for details!)

Kylie did a great job and I'm sure that I was beaming. All of the girls I'm sure made their parents proud. I really truly wish that all 5 of them could ride parades together this summer because it would be a blast and they all deserve it. Congratulations to Mattie. She will do great at state.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brad is back!

We are back with Brad! We had a wonderful time in Prague and I am hoping to have my blog up soon. It is wonderful having Brad home. I knew from most of my friends' experiences that I would love it. You get the same great kid back but he is new and improved. He is thoughtful and helpful and grateful. I love it!

Brad's homecoming is this Sunday, April 26th at 8:30 a.m. at the Rose St. church. All are invited. We will be having treats at our house at 6:00. All are invited to that too! He is heading back down to school in Provo on Monday for spring and summer. It makes me sad to have him leave so soon but at least I can call him!

Kylie is competing in the the Junior Miss program which is this Saturday at the high school. It starts at 7:00 and tickets are $10. It is a great group of intelligent, talented girls and most of them are Kylie's friends. It's a bummer to run against your friends but it makes for very fun rehearsals. Good luck to the judges. I honestly don't know how they are going to choose!

Kacey & kids, Kristy and Courtney will be home for the weekend. Should be lots of Earl fun!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Czech ya later!

I have been so busy I have not had time to blog and it has been driving me crazy cuz I have to much to report on. Here is a quick summary:

Our first dance competition was strange but it turned out good for us. It was Spotlight in Seattle but there were odd studios there and the judging was very weird. I wish I could explain better but it was just not the normal competition experience. We did well, though, so I can't really complain.

Drill team went to state and performed very well but it was also an odd experience. The judging was honestly the worst thing that I have ever seen. We took 2nd in Drill and did not place in Hip Hop (because of a stupid safety deduction) and did not place in Pom. For more pictures and info, go to Lori's blog. I am so sorry that I can't give you all the details because it was really something.

We are headed out today to Prague to go and pick up Brad. We will actually pick him up on Thursday. If we are understanding it right, the internet at our hotel is $50 per day so we may not have it. We'll see. I will try to catch up when I get back.

While we are away - if you see any of my kids doing things they shouldn't, please feel free to intervene! Ha Ha...