Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday, Courtney!

 Courtney turns 22 today! It's almost impossible to talk about Courtney without mentioning ballroom because we are all so darn proud of her! She fell in love with ballroom the moment she saw it and went out and made her dreams come true. Actually she is living all of our ballroom dreams that we didn't even know we had!

Courtney will be on the BYU touring team again next year which is extra exciting because it is a Blackpool year which means they will compete in Blackpool, England for yet another international title. We are all so excited for her we can hardly stand it!

I am posting some pictures for everyone to enjoy from the last couple of years. (Mostly this is just for me because I just love how glamorous and elegant she looks in her dresses.) The guy in all the pictures is her partner, Tim Colvin. He has been a great partner and friend.

Little known fact: In addition to being an amazing dancer, Courtney is wicked good at Encore. (I'm sorry but there's just no other word to describe how good she is. Say it with a Boston accent and it's pretty funny.) Encore is a game where you pick a word and then each team has to come up with 7 words of a song lyric that contains that word. The first team to run out loses. Her brain is an encyclopedia of lyrics! Why? We have no idea. She's also extremely good at Boggle. In fact, she's really good at lots of games but occasionally I still beat her - but she's probably just letting me win because she's kind and generous too!

 Watching her dance is just pure joy for me but I also love just being around her. She is home for spring term which she hasn't been since she graduated from high school, I think, and I am enjoying every second. She is heading out on a two week Nauvoo performing tour with the ballroom team in June. I can't wait for the adventures that next year will bring for her. She has worked hard and she deserves it.

I am just so honored to be her mother. She is one in a million and the perfect middle child!

I love you, Courtney!