Saturday, December 14, 2013

30, Flirty and Fabulous!

My baby turned 30 today! Well, yesterday... as it is already after midnight and I have not gotten her birthday blog up yet. Arrgh! Not only did she have her 30th birthday on Friday the 13th but she had it on the opening night of Nutcracker! So the chances of getting a timely birthday blog were cursed. Kacey, please excuse my tardiness!

It’s really hard to believe my firstborn is 30!

I swear she was this size about 5 minutes ago!

But now she is this boy’s mother!

And she has 3 more little cutie pies!!

She is the best sister ever!

And she makes the cutest grandkids!

I feel like I won the mother lottery when I got Kacey as my firstborn. I respect her and I admire her and I love hanging out with her!

Happy Birthday, Kacey! Thanks for bringing us 30 years of pure joy!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Look who's feeling 22!

This is Kylie right around 2nd grade... and now she is teaching 2nd graders. Oh my! I am so proud of her. She's so grown up! It makes me feel old but it also delights me to see her have such an impact on her students. I have no doubt that these kids will never forget their 2nd grade teacher!

And I bet future Claudio will thank his favorite teacher, Miss Earl, for believing in him when he receives the Tony Award for his one man play "All Things Mario!!"

I love you, Kylie! Happy 22nd birthday!!