Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sister Earl is 21 People!

Happy birthday Sister Earl!

My sister Kendall has been a missionary for our Church for 7 months now.  As she is the only truly nice one of the family, it has been a major sacrifice on our part to have her gone.  It's amazing we have been able to hold it together in her absence.

But we know she is where she is supposed to be.  She is serving the Lord, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Louisiana, dedicating 18 months of her life to her spiritual growth, and becoming a better person.

Or she might just be making taxidermied missionaries.  Hard to tell most weeks.

I think we all were a little too critical of missionary letters to Kendall because she seems to have made it her mission to make sure they are full of entertaining stories and not laden down with (or even hinting at) spiritual insights.

Instead, we get to hear about all of the crazy things that have happened to her.  For example, her mission has included about as much interaction with wildlife as it has talking to people.  Cause you know, sometimes you just find yourself holding a baby pig


A mission is hard work.  You are studying when the sun comes up and working straight until the sun goes down.  This is no southern vacation.  You're not out sight seeing all of the time, taking pictures on fun statues and stuff.

Well except for maybe that one time...

but seriously, only like those two times...

Hard at work, that sister of ours.  Hard at work.

But when it comes to their district, you have never met a more dedicated group of young men and women who have put their trust in the Lord and are committed to doing His work.

There is a chance they made need a little more training on what kind of work God has actually signed them up for.

But when you begin to question her dedication and maybe even slightly doubt her real convictions in taking on this task and wonder if she is actually doing any of the things missionaries should be doing, Kendall always comes through to show you how dedicated she really is....

I mean a truly uncommitted person would have really felt like that moment was perfectly captured after the second or third shot.  Five poses is true dedication.

But seriously, I think Kendall is the best sister missionary ever.  I have to add sister because technically Bryan is on a mission right now too.  I'll let him pretend he was in the running here.

She has had some crazy experiences, tons of rejection, lots of disappointments, and a slew of hard situations, but there is nothing that will break her spirit or dampen her smile.  "There is sunshine in my soul today"  could be Kendall's mantra because she is a body of sunshine.

There are a lot of different ways to spend your 21st birthday.  Kendall will be spending hers away from family and friends and will probably spend most of the day trying to talk people into hearing the message she is there to tell them.  How can you not be proud of a sister like that?

So, happy birthday Kendall dear.  Sister Earl you are loved, you are so so so so so missed, you are thought about, you are prayed for, and you are admired by every single one of your siblings.  Here is a big electronic hug from us and a hope that someone feeds you something delicious.

(This blog message is brought to you by the talented late night workings of your oldest sister, Kacey.  Your mother decided to jet off to Mexico instead.  She loves you too... but I wrote you the birthday blog so if we are comparing love levels...  Just sayin')