Sunday, May 25, 2008

Biggest Blogging Loser!

Okay - I am officially the worst blogger ever!!! I should have my blogging license revoked. Why didn't somebody tell me that blogging was just like writing in a journal and that just because you call it blogging doesn't give you any more time in the day to get it done? I haven't even blogged about Ireland yet and it is old news now. Can you get fired from blogging? Do they take away your account if it is not updated periodically with interesting tidbits? I could be in real trouble here.

The bad part is I am still not ready to post about Ireland so all interested souls please refer to Kacey's blog where she covered the trip magnificently! I would add her to my list of blogs that I go to but I don't know how to do that yet. Let me remind you that I am not retarded, just busy. (Well, maybe a little retarded.) I will get the hang of this one day.

Unfortunately, recital is less than two weeks away so I do not anticipate much blogging time over the next two weeks. We'll see. Don't give up on me...