Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Festival 2009

Memorial Day weekend in Moses Lake means one thing... Spring Festival! Spring Festival highlights include the carnival, fattening fair food, performing at the amphitheater in McCosh Park, Lip Sync contest, 3 on 3 basketball, and the parade.

Our dancers performed in the park on Friday at 4:00. The weather was nice which is always a plus. The dancers did a great job. We used to really stress about Spring Festival performances just because we wanted the dancers to look and do their best in front of such a big audience. After so many years of doing it, we have realized that people seem to love their performances even when they are less than perfect which is usually the case at Spring Festival. Now, when dancers come up to us saying things like, "I am missing a shoe" or "I forgot my hat" or "I can't remember where my spot is"... we just say, "No problem!" Amazingly enough, it seems to work out just fine.

Kylie was in the parade this year as part of the Junior Miss court. For years and years, it was Junior Miss that rode the city float (and built it!) but about two years ago, the Spring Festival committee decided that they would have student ambassadors apply for and earn a spot on the float. Courtney was the last Junior Miss to ride the float two years ago and that year it was Genie industries who designed and built the float. It represented outdoor life in Moses Lake and was very artsy. It was charming it its own way but not too exciting. We didn't have to build it so we were not complaining. This was the float Courtney's year...

So since then the city has just revamped it a bit and there is actually less on it than before. (Sorry I didn't take a picture. Why would I?) They put a small canoe in the middle and the theme is "Jump In" and it has been the same for two years now. Well, I'm sorry but it is clearly the lamest float in the parade. You name a tiny little city around Moses Lake and they have a better float than we do! Connell? yep. Royal? yep. Grandview? yep. If floats were homes, we would be the single wide of the parade. Are you getting the picture? It's sad.

So Kylie and Mattie and Katelynn are now riding in cars. It's just sad to see that tradition go. Luckily, the Connel girls let them have a ride on their float...

Mattie Bergeson, Kylie and Katelynn Reed working at Chalk on the Block:

Getting ready for the parade:

The girls rode in Cacchiotti's car that Dominic got all ready for them. What a guy! Here they are practicing their wave!

The drill team always marches in the parade with the Mini Molahiettes. This is an annual fundraiser that they do. Kendall had her hands full...

Kendall, Dayna Bergeson and Megan Roylance...

Poor Lori was shorthanded because many of her Molahiettes were riding in the parade. Here are the girls posing with Breanna Haddican who was Miss Moses Lake's Outstanding Teen...

Bryan had the world's worst 3 on 3 team. (No offense guys!) They lost their first 3 games and I figured they were out but David told me they weren't out, they would just be put into a different bracket. And so I said, "Good, maybe now they'll win one." to which David said, "There isn't a bracket in this tournament that this team could win in!" At least they had fun?

Noah Noble, Bryan, Chad Palmer and Reese Leavitt...

Apparently Noble and Reese do not watch America's Next Top Model. Maybe that was our down fall?

We did not have any or our family or dancers in the lip sync and it is time to get back in. We were well represented by the young men in our town, though, who took the top 3 spots. It was an 80's theme and let's just say that there were breakaway pants, flying angels, a flashdance scene and amazing choreography. You just had to be there! I have to say that Josh, Tyrel, Lewis, and Ryan's group was my favorite. Overall concept and choreography and execution was just outstanding. I like to think they have learned a thing or two from dance over the years so I think we can take partial credit for preparing them for the day that they could do it all on their own! Way to go guys!! And by the way, we will be dominating lip sync next year when you are all on your missions!

Til next year...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Courtney is 19! Her birthday was yesterday - May 16th. Even though Courtney was the middle child, she was always seemed like the big sister because she was the oldest of this trio...

Courtney, Kylie & Kendall:
Courtney was such a wonderful child. We love to watch old videos of her singing in her very low voice. Our favorites are Where is Thumper and the Books of the Bible. "Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deutewoooonomy, Johsua, Judges, Wuf." Most of you won't get that, but her brothers and sisters are laughing at that memory right now.
Courtney was a nice big sister to Kylie especially considering how Kylie treated her. We have home movies of Kylie saying in the sweetest voice, "I don't like Courtney" and Courtney just smiled as if Kylie had said something nice. I think Courtney dished some back in the teenage years but she was pretty patient when they were younger.
Dance has always been a big part of Courtney's life. From the time she was little:

Kelsey (cousin) & Courtney:

She is a dance major now at BYU and is loving it. She just made it onto the Spring Ballroom Team and she is really loving that. She is also taking a ton of ballet and she has the nasty feet to prove it. I love to watch her dance.

I was able to spend the early part of the week with Courtney, Kristy and Brad in Provo. Courtney and Brad are going spring term and Kristy has graduated and is just finishing up a job she has in Provo. Kristy will move back to Washington in June and look for a job in the Seattle area.
I got to watch one of Courtney's ballroom rehearsals and it was so fun. She is so long and graceful and she is just amazing. I am so glad I got to watch her dance. It was totally worth getting up for her 7 am rehearsal!
We celebrated her birthday a little early while I was there. Brad, Kristy, Courtney and I at California Pizza Kitchen. I had such a great time hanging out with my college kids. I just love these guys:

Happy Birthday Courtney! We love you so much!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prom for Belen and Tricia!

This weekend was prom and our two exchange students, Tricia and Belen went.

Tricia wore Courtney's Junior Miss dress...

With the help of some tall shoes!

She went with Jacob Secrist who just turned 16. They know each other from seminary.

Tricia is from Taiwan and Belen is from Hermosillo, Mexico.

Bad lighting but pretty dress!

Belen went with Kale Daniels-Brown. He is so tall and she is so short!

They both had a great time!