Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Well it's birthday blog time again and I find that I have a tendency to use pictures from the same age period for the blog. Kids are just so darn cute when they are babies and toddlers! So I thought I would find a picture from an age that I hadn't posted before. So I found a couple of gems but then I couldn't decide whether to go with the embarrassing Halloween photo or the cool snowboarder dude? So I did both!..

Any boy who is willing to dress up like a grandma just to get free candy is my kinda kid!

Okay so here he is around the same age looking a tad bit cooler...

But the funny thing about this picture is that I'm pretty sure this is Kristy's old snowboard outfit. I was smart enough to not buy pink so that snow clothes could be passed down regardless of gender. But, then again, Brad probably would have worn it if it was pink anyway because he was that kind of boy! No, not THAT kind of boy! Not that there is anything wrong with that... (Seinfeld reference for those who missed it) I meant he was easygoing!!

Brad is just an all round gem!

And he has great taste in women!

Update: Brad and Julianna are living in Phoenix, AZ where Brad is getting a Masters in Bio-medical Sciences and Jules is working at an orthodontist office.

Happy 26th Birthday, Brad! You are the best son ever!!

(Yes, I realize that I have two sons and I just called one of them the best. But I think even Bryan would agree that a post mission son is way better than a pre-mission son! In a few years, when Bryan has learned to pick up after himself and would rather converse with people rather than play video games... he will be right back up on the top of the list alongside Brad!! Haha. The best thing is that I think Bryan is going to turn out just like Brad so I am on proud mama!!!)