Monday, December 15, 2014

31derful things about Kacey!

Happy Birthday, Kacey! 31 never looked so good!! Here are 31derful things about Kacey...

  • She's a phenomenal mom. 

  • She's a voracious reader.
  • She has wonderful taste in men.

  • She's an excellent cook.
  • She's a baby slinging expert and even makes her own slings.

  • She is a "do"er.
  • She makes cute grandkids.

  • She plays a mean game of tennis.
  • She's a devoted aunt. 

  • She's smart as a whip.
  • She's the best big sister. 

  • She doesn't sweat the small stuff. 
  • She does not send boring Christmas cards.

  • She's a great seamstress.
  • She's found her inner runner.

  • She's a licensed private eye.
  • She looks more like a supermodel.
  • She somehow manages to function at full capacity on very little sleep.
  • She's a creative genius, especially at Halloween.

  • She figures out how to use everything in her bountiful basket.
  • She doesn't let little things like giving birth keep her from an Earl Girl Reunion.

  • She's an awesome video editor.
  • She's constantly surrounded by handsome males.

  • She doesn't watch TV.
  • She's not afraid to get dirty.

  • She hikes.
  • She bikes.

  • She hikes with kids.

  • She's a loyal and dependable friend.
  • She is a thoughtful gift giver which results in awesome gifts.

And last and definitely least...
  • She still loves her momma even though she was too busy to get her birthday blog done on time.

At least I hope she does!

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Kacey Nielsen said...

This is highly one sided but very much appreciated :) love you mom