Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve tributes!

In the Earl household, the traditional Christmas Eve activities include eating (of course!), acting out the nativity, and having each family share a talent. These days the families are so big when they are all home that we do our own thing on Christmas Eve and LuDeen goes and visits each family - like a progressive dinner! We did the eating and the nativity but we were short on talents. Scarlet played the violin and Rhode played the piano and both did awesome! But that only 2 talents leaves for a lot of extra time...

We foresaw this problem and pulled names and each sibling did a tribute about another sibling. Bryan and Kendall were teamed up since they are the only single sibs. (They are not married. Not even dating each other. In case there is any confusion.) Well, it was super fun. And I am posting it here because it has been requested by cousins who heard it was going down. So here is the first annual Earl family tributes. Watch at your own risk! Merry Christmas!!

Jon & Kacey had Mom & Dad

Curtis & Courtney had Jon & Kacey

Kylie & Stephen had Kristy & Trevor

Mom & Dad had Brad & Jules (but it was mostly about Brad! We don't have anything bad to say about Jules!!)

Brad & Jules had Courtney & Curtis

Kendall & Bryan had Kylie & Stephen

Kristy & Trevor had Kendall and Bryan!

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