Saturday, May 7, 2011

Earl Family Cruise Day 1

Kristy here to fill you in on day one of our Earl Family Cruise.

The day of the cruise had finally arrived. Six of us flew over from Seattle in the tiny sardine plane to Long Beach, Jon and Kacey flew from Spokane, and the rest of the college kids drove from Vegas with Kacey's kids. It was so much fun to be reunited again. Brad, Courtney and Kylie were in charge of having some Easter fun with Rhode and Scarlet before they headed out on the road. The kids loved it and had loads of candy left for the drive over. Brad said they literally ate candy the entire drive over.

{Funny Story- After eating most of her candy, Scarlet told Brad that her ears were starting to hurt her. Being the great uncle he is, Brad explained to her that her ears hurt because she had eaten so much candy that it was now coming out of her ears. Kylie sweetened the story by looking in Scarlet's ear and saying, "I think I see a jellybean in there." After that comment Scarlet just lost it and burst into tears screaming, "I don't want candy to come out of my ears, just my mouth!" I think they told her the truth...eventually.}

After waiting in every single line imaginable we arrived to see this beautiful site.

It really is amazing just how huge these ships are. We had such high hopes for our trip and then we walked in and saw this...

Yep, this is the decor we were stuck looking at for a week. One reviewer described the color scheme as "pink zebra." Rhode, on the other hand, described everything he saw as "so beautiful". We all think Kacey should rethink her assurance that he isn't colorblind.

For those of you who haven't been on a cruise let me tell you that the first day is the worst. It starts off with finding your rooms. Trevor and I sweet-talked our way into the first room and we loved it. I usually am not impressed with hotel bedding but it was heaven. Plus when you turned off the lights it was pitch black and if you wanted to you could sleep all day long.

Everyone else had a harder time finding the perfect room arrangement. We had four rooms all together. The original plan was to put Rhode in with the boys to give Jon and Kacey a break but the bunk beds were super high because they came out of the ceiling. Rhode is a crazy roller at night and we decided he was too cute to lose so Kacey and Jon were stuck with both of their kids. Courtney, Kylie and Kendall were in one room and Brad and Bryan somehow scored their own room.

Right when we had started relaxing in our rooms we heard the siren that meant it was time to go to our muster stations for the safety drill. All we did was line up with all of other people in our designated area and listen to the unintelligible Charlie Brown style announcement.

{Funny story- Kacey had a fun time with this because her kids were being stinkers and wouldn't sit still so she bent down to help them and lost her balance and crashed into the people behind her. Of course it would have been more hilarious if she had done this in the front row just to see how many people she could take out.}

Another fun part about the first day is you're always waiting for your luggage to arrive at your door. In our case, luggage was mixed up and we all ended up with each other's luggage. We sorted it all out and unpacked our stuff just in time for dinner.

Dinner was the greatest. My favorite part was the never-ending fresh warm bread that our waiters would bring us. Some meals were better than others but it was always pretty good. The funny part is that most waiters are nice to you because they want a nice tip but the only time ours ever spoke to us was when Courtney ordered a lot of food and he made a pig noise. I will admit it's a little awkward with so much gluttony when you're being served by people from poor countries. You could always feel their judging eyes and picture them thinking "this plate could feed my entire village" as they take your uneaten food away.

After dinner we headed to the first entertainment show and met our soon-to-be nemesis, Felipe. Felipe was our overly-peppy cruise director who kept trying to get all cruise members to say "woo-hoo" every time we saw him or anyone else to remind us how much FUN we were having. Felipe was everywhere, he heard his voice multiple times a day and he was always on the huge screens throughout the ship. This guy even had a morning show where him and his buddy would wait for cruise members to call in and discuss the daily topic. It was torture. We weren't surprised when we heard that the channel with the ship's front camera got more viewers than his talk show.

But luckily, every other cruise day was more and more fantastic than the last. To continue our story...

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